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Differences in interior decoration and design

Do you know the differences between interior design and decoration?

Although these are terms that can be confused, the truth is that there are important differences between the work that an interior designer does and the work that an interior decorator does. We explain them below.

We could start with what is perhaps the most notable difference. And this lies in the knowledge that the professional must have in each of the sectors.

On the one hand, the interior designer must have been trained in fields such as architecture or even psychology. This is what will allow him/her to devise, focus and execute an interior design project according to the preferences and needs of the clients.

On the other hand, the interior decorator's main function is to make the final choice of the different elements of furniture and/or decorative accessories to provide the project with aesthetic value.

The importance of space management

Interior design is an essential discipline for the work of interior decorators, since they must first study the structure of a building, optimize it and think about its functionality.

This management of the initial space is essential so that the latter can use creativity and innovation to improve the final aesthetic. This is why design and interior decoration are considered to be different but complementary disciplines.

But then, should you hire an interior design studio like Farré & Costa or should you seek the services of a professional decorator? It all depends on the needs of your project.

For example, if you require the modification or removal of walls and partitions, if changes need to be made to the lighting system or "technical" arrangements in the space, the services of a professional interior designer will be essential.

However, if the space does not require these changes, the services of a professional decorator may be sufficient to provide the extra aesthetic value you are looking for.

Interior design in Ibiza

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