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Farré & Costa


Comprehensive interior design projects

Once we’ve studied the client’s needs, we take care of everything from conceptualisation to project implementation and construction follow-up. We stay in touch with the other parties involved such as architects, engineers, and suppliers to close out the project in its entirety in order to assure success in terms of the final results.

Turnkey projects

Service associated with the whole project but with the advantage of getting the house ready for move-in. The concept behind this type of projects is providing clients with the utmost in flexibility and peace of mind during the entire process so that they can just sit back and enjoy the project and the results. We take care of the entire project, including handling purchasing and clean-up to ensure that everything is ready.

Hospitality and Retail

Commercial design encompasses both small and large businesses, as well as other service and hospitality businesses. We undertake an in-depth study of the project’s needs in order to give the establishment its very own identity, emphasising its strengths and improving business activity and performance through contemporary and functional design, thereby boosting its position against its competitors. These projects may require a visual merchandising study.

Home Staging

Some houses need a little extra to rent them out or sell them so that they are seen as unique, contemporary and attractive on the real estate market. With a few resources and very little time, Home Staging achieves a makeover in keeping with the preferences of those hunting for that special home to buy or spend their holidays in. Elements such as fabrics, paintings or lighting, among others, help to bring about such a change.

Conceptual project

In some cases, the client only needs a starting point to ensure that their project will suit their needs and will have a contemporary and defined image. Our work here consists in creating the project concept with basic documentation including the idea, the design theme to be followed, reference images and a portfolio of cladding samples. With this, the client will have all basic information to hand for subsequent implementation.

Project audits

Sometimes the client needs a second opinion or an audit on a project received where experience and know-how in certain fields can go a long way in detecting possible flaws in usage or lighting, for example. This is particularly common in large-scale hotel projects where there are countless elements and aspects to bear in mind.

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